Photographer's Code of Conduct

Most underwater photographers want to protect the marine environment and avoid stressing marine biota when capturing images. This is not only good for the marine environment but also often leads to better photographs. The Code outlines good practices for anyone who aspires to take photos or video underwater.


Underwater photographers often become so involved in the pursuit of capturing underwater images that they become oblivious to those around them, to the annoyance and angst of other divers. Just because a diver has an underwater camera doesn’t warrant special treatment or give them an excuse to behave objectionably towards other divers. Monopolising the dive deck, muscling fellow divers out of the way whenever you see something interesting to photograph, and touching biota yourself or with your photographic equipment are not only pet gripes for other divers but are also bad practice. The fact that a diver has a camera does not, nor should not, take priority over the dive experience of a non-photographer.