Fish Inventories

The standardised protocol for monitoring UVNSW targeted fish species in NSW waters, descriptions of each of the fish species and lists of the species are avaialble for viewing or download. A set of images and a proforma for data recording that can be photocopied onto 'underwater' polyester paper are also available for viewing or download.

If you intend to use the Targeted Fish Species Protocol to collect observations on fish populations in your local area then you will need to request a Excel Fish Survey Data Entry Template. Currently the template cannot be downloaded from this website. Please email to request a template. Instructuctions on how to complete data entry can be found in the first worksheet in the workbook.


UVNSW Targeted Fish Species Protocol  UVNSW Targeted Fish Species Descriptions.pdf
UVNSW Targeted Fish Species sorted by common name.pdf  UVNSW Targeted Fish Species.pdf
 UVNSW Fish Images for Underwater ID Charts.pdf UVNSW Underwater Proforma for Fish Data Records