On the Dive Boat

Cameras and gear associated with underwater photography are expensive items, sometimes running into the many thousands of dollars. Thus, when stowing camera gear onboard, it is important that the gear is kept in a safe location. However, it shouldn’t be at the inconvenience of others. Some cameras and strobe lighting systems can be quite bulky, thus it pays to be aware of the extra space the equipment occupies on an often cramped boat deck. Common courtesy goes a long way to ensuring that any non-photographer divers onboard are willing to accommodate the needs of the photographer.


Avoid shuffling along the deck in full gear with your camera in hand when it’s your turn to enter the water. Experienced photographers would never think of exiting a boat with camera in hand. The coxswain or another diver should be asked politely to pass the camera to you once you’ve entered the water.


On many boats there is often a rinse bin dedicated to cameras. Where possible ensure there are no other cameras in it before dunking your gear for a rinse. Never leave your gear in the rinse bin as it will inconvenience other photographers that need to use the fresh water. If there are multiple cameras in the rinse tank be careful of entanglements - serious damage could result if a camera if removed without due care.